We repair your computer in 1 business day or labour is FREE

This promotion gives you the advantage of getting your computer repaired quickly. Although we try our best to provide you a solution rapidly, the following conditions will apply:

Restoring information from a damaged hard drive

Although we try our best, restoring information from a damaged hard drive is a long process. This will depend on the amount of data and the damage incurred to the hard drive. We cannot speed this process up as it is out of our hands.

Moving information from one device to another

Due to the amount of data, transferring from one device to another may take a great deal of time, making it impossible to repair in time.

Backup required before starting the repair

Depending on how much data is to be backed up, the procedure could take a while and there is nothing we could do to rush this.

Server repairs

Due to the complexity involved in repairing servers, we can only repair servers on a normal basis and cannot offer the 1 business day repair.

When a problem can’t be replicated in 2hrs of testing

We cannot fix the problem in 1 business day if we are unable to reproduce within 2 hours, as this may not allow enough time for the necessary repairs.

When the damaged hardware is not in stock

Due to the great variety of computer parts, we might not have the part(s) in stock.

We are waiting on the customer

If questions arise (e.g. require passwords, approving the quote) and we are unable to contact you, we may not be able to repair in 1 business day.

We reserve the right to decline the 1 business day repair deal before a booking is made

This offer only applies to computers presented at the AABrothers office

If the computer repaired was not previously purchased from AABrothers the $22 booking fee still applies even in the case of free labour.

We reserve the right to apply or not apply any of the above conditions

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